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Mai Aisha Sisters and Youth Aids Programme (MASYAP)

MASYAP was established in 2008 with the aim of educating Muslim women on the dangers and prevention of HIV and AIDS; and to provide care and support to women and girls affected or infected with a virus. MASYAP works to actively join the effort to slow the spread of HIV and AIDS and to mitigate its impact and works through support groups of women who are HIV+ or have HIV+ family members. MASYAP have approximately 1000 women members and over 500 girl members.

Road To Relief assisted MASYAP in 2011 in setting up their Limbe office and in 2012/13, co-funding a nutritional program to provide maize meal to 100 HIV+ women in advanced stages of disease and requiring nutritional support for effective ARV treatment.

In 2016 Road to Relief gave MK 3.5 Million to MASYAP to support girls with mentoring, sports, school fees and for HIV Testing & Counselling In 2013/14, Road to Relief funded a year long orphan support programme, providing food and school fees to the highly vulnerable orphans from twenty three townships/ locales across Blantyre and surrounding districts. 

Orphan recieving food pack(left picture) and A MASYAP counsellor conducting a HIV test. (right picture)