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Ongoing Projects

Medical Assistance

In 2012/13, RTR funded three life changing corrective surgeries for children with orthopedic disabilities at Beit Cure Hospital. We also funded 100 cataract and frequently support group and individual philanthropic efforts to assist Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital(QECH) in Blantyre Malawi.

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Emergency Response

Road to Relief was highly active during the January 2015 floods across southern Malawi which caused wide scale destruction. In 2016/17 Malawi experienced widespread drought and RTR provided food relief to remote areas throughout the southern region.

We are currectly raising funds to assit families affected by severe flooding in southern Malawi caused by Cyclone Idai.

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Supporting Individuals

Road to Relief occasionally assists individuals in need with school fees, medical expenses, food aid or other assistance once we have verified the tenacity of the case in hand.

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MASYAP was established in 2008 with the aim of educating Muslim women on the dangers and prevention of HIV and AIDS; and to provide care and support to women and girls affected or infected the with virus.

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Tanweer for the Blind

An Noor is the first institute in Malawi to provide secular and religious education to the visually impaired. Road to Relief has provided food, clothing and financial support to this institute and regularly assist them where possible.

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Ramadhan Distribution

The Ramadan Iftar Programme is a standing commitment in the RTR calendar. We fundraise through the Muslim community locally and abroad and distribute food packs through local mosques that many of our members are affiliated with. The packs usually comprise of maize flour, sugar, oil, salt, tea and beans.  These packs will feed a family of 4 for a week. This programme was started in 2014 with the distribution of 1000 food packs.  In 2018 the total number of packs distributed was 3,600. 

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